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Today has been strange and overwhelming. Erratic energy ups-and-downs, where the contrast in these changing times has felt blatantly more apparent than usual. Lately, I’ve been seeing how as I realize and embody more and more of my potential light, the more apparent and shadowy my dark becomes. I know that in truth, you cannot perceive dark until light shines upon it. Yet, it is this dynamic that makes stepping into your light such a struggle. As you gain increasing awareness of the pure and unconditional peace, love, clarity and unity that is inherently within you, you also, in the process, become more aware of the non-peaceful, non-loving, chaotic, judging and fearful within. Some days it’s easier to face the shadows. Other days - like today - it feels like an endless rabbit hole, as the brevity of this realization keeps becoming clear to me: the fear, hate, judgement, war and separation I wish this planet would be rid of, will only cease to exist when I cease to keep creating those things inside myself and inside my reality. ‘As within, so without,’ is really the name of this ascension game; the process the planet is going through mirrors what each one of us is doing inside ourselves. Each battle between choosing light over dark gives me strength to keep on with the journey to my true self. But so often, I’m overwhelmed by knowing that I am fully in control of creating the new reality I desire for myself and wish for the world; it is in no one else’s hands but mine. That, I suppose, is the greatest test in all of this, because it’s also the greatest responsibility. It’s all down to choice: how badly do I want to know and embody the true, multi-dimensional, 100% authentic me?

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