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Sitting outside meditating, and sensing such big things…too big to put into words. I’ve been feeling this sort of intensity and tension for the last few weeks, but tonight something really hit me. It’s hard to describe…a combination of frenzied excitement for the chaos that seems to be increasing, yet a simultaneous peace and stillness in my heart that everything is as it should be, all is well, and that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in these moments. This paradox is difficult to integrate, but it seems right. Maybe the second upcoming Merkaba grand sextile stargate (on the 25th) really is going to be a big game changer and shift things irreversibly - in a good way. We shall see. If there’s anything I sense we should be doing right now, I feel that the most important thing is moving into our heart center and listening to the wisdom of our higher aspects. In that stillness, I think we have access to everything we need right now to make it through these current energy gateways. I hope everyone is finding a peaceful space to be present and participate as best they can during these big changes. 💙🌟🌀

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  1. silentmania said: You are not alone. :)
  2. leggo-your-ego said: Well said. I’m finding these times both humbling and exhilarating.
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